Benefits of Divorce Coaching

If you are not sure if divorce coaching is for you, here are some steps that Senatle Coaching will help you with through the process:

  • Clarity of what you want to achieve in the process. You may be in the early phases and not sure if you want a divorce or stay in your relationship. I will take you through a decision-making process for you to get clarity.
  • Support is vital; however, others may not understand as they have not walked in your shoes. I will offer you, unbiased consistent support and help you identify and build a strong support group.
  • Putting you in charge of your journey so that you are empowered. Life still continues while you go through your divorce or breakup. I understand that you still have responsibilities to take care of. Having the right techniques puts you in control of your emotional and physical well-being so that you are in the driver’s seat to manage all aspects of your life.
  • Discovering the new you: The person who begins the journey is not the same person that comes out on the other side. The process can either build or break you, however, I work closely with you to teach you how to be the cause and not on the effect side of it. There is always something to gain and learn in this situation, you have the power.
  • Life after divorce: Now that the papers are signed, new living situation is in place, a new life needs to be lived right? However, it does not start there, we will prepare for the new life at step one of the process, not after the papers are signed.
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