Divorce Coaching

Senatle Coaching provides you with a simple, practical process to go through your divorce. Tish has created a program to help you navigate through your divorce or break up, by using coaching techniques and her own personal experience to get through her own divorce.

“I can relate first-hand what a toll divorce can take on your mental and physical health. Whether you initiated it or are on the receiving end, it’s a hard process to go through. It takes a lot of work to get through it. You are not alone; I am here to help you to take the steps for your breakthrough”.-Tish

“Today, I can proudly state that I am successfully on the other side of it. I have built an unbelievably good relationship with my ex-husband and our children are in a positive frame of mind. It did not happen overnight, but I knew what I wanted as an end result and made it happen”.-Tish

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